Detoxification totally useless? Or an insider tip?

It is my belief that any product that will remove toxic waste from the body is better than none at all.

Here is the list of products I am reviewing and providing my comments and/or feedback on: The following products are not a part of the detoxification products I review (that I am able to purchase): Molecules and Fertilizer * Methylene Blue * Oxycodone * Oxymorphone * Oxymorphone 2 (Cyanide) * Pertussis Vaccine * Remedies * Tinctures * Tinctures containing other ingredients 1. The above list is not exhaustive and I may have missed other items that are not listed. For example, I was not able to purchase Oxycodone or Hydrocodone, but I know that there are other brands that are sold as detoxing products. I will be posting more products on this list in the near future. 2. As a disclaimer, I have no scientific training whatsoever so these are only my observations. 3. All products listed as detoxifying products are highly recommended for those who have not yet detoxified. If you are looking for specific products, you will need to look up a website that sells those specific products in your country, as you don't want to be buying the same products in multiple countries. 4. This list is only for those countries that sell certain products or have specific regulations or requirements for those products.

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Digest It currently counts as an insider tip, but the awareness is increasing rapidly in a flash. E...