Protein bars totally useless? Or an insider tip?

Here are my picks for the top 15 protein bars.

If you are a regular reader of this blog, then you are probably wondering why I am even talking about the following five bars: 1. Nutri-Fruit Pure Protein, Paleo, Pure Protein, Baked Chocolate Protein Bar, Dry Whip Protein Powder (B.W.). These bars are all excellent and have been featured in The Muscle & Fitness Diet, Muscle & Fitness, and many other magazines. I personally don't have the time to eat these bars (I don't work out very much) and I can't find them online at most stores. So, I bought them at Walmart, Kroger, and Target. They are easy to find online, and they are the same quality and price as the original bars. 2. Baked Protein Powder (B.W.) I found a variety of protein powders on Amazon that are all similar. They all seem to be similar in terms of what they contain, but they are all made by the same company (B.W.). This company is really good and their products have been in the fitness industry for many years. They sell the same kind of protein bars as you find at Target. There are lots of different options for all the different flavors. 3. Oat Protein Bar The Oat Protein Bar from Amazon is the best of the Baked Protein Powder varieties.

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